I am Chris Caizar, and Emily is my lovely wife and we both have a big passion for photography. Back in 1988 I discovered my first love which was my SLR camera.
That was my first Zenith-AM. As a kid, not being in the digital era like now, I remember I was trying really hard to convince my dad to give me money for more 35mm films, because  I was obsessed about creating new amazing photos, and mastering different techniques. At the age of 8, I started painting 30 frames per second diafilms on clear paper to create a film like movement and impress all my friends.
    Obsessed about photography and quality, we create art that stands out from the ordinary market. After 20 years of growing and perfecting this passion, we embarked on this beautiful and exciting journey which is professional wedding photography in 2008. Our goal is to take photos that represent you and will eventually make you anxious to see your wedding memories again and again.
    We’ll come to your wedding, engagement party, or different events and we’ll take stunning images that will last for a lifetime. Using cinematic cameras and cinematography style of filming (steadycams, drones and all those hi-tech gadgets and gizmos)  our videos have a touch of Hollywood. Your wedding video will be your new favorite movie to watch.
    We like to make new friends everywhere and the couples we photograph have constantly become longtime friends, happy to refer us to friends and family. We also travel to your special destination if needed and take stunning images for you.
    Photography is an investment, and every year your photo album will gain more value like an old wine, or an antique collection piece. How much can your unique moment in life value? Are they gonna be captured right?
You invest so much in flowers, venue, dress, cake, details, limo or trolley. But if you don't have the right person to capture all these amazing moments in a stunning way, then the next day is too late.You will never wear that wedding gown again, the flowers will fade, the guests are back to their lives and the only valuable thing that will remain for the rest of your life will be the photos and the video from your wedding day.
We are a Chicagoland husband & wife wedding photo-video company

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